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“vibrant, expressionistic paintings”

                                       —LA Times

The visual world of color permeates Sarelyn’s dreams and daily life. It is the air she breathes and her gift to the world.

Sarelyn’s art is her most potent natural expression. At eight years-old she observed a painting of birds by her uncle and realized living things could be painted. Art classes at Chouinard Art Institute (now CalArts) enhanced her passion and she drew throughout her youth. Later Sarelyn studied art at UCLA and continued to paint while raising three daughters. An art studio was a permanent fixture in her home.

The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles was her home away from home for over forty years. 

She typically occupied the same table, where she could be found drawing portraits of locals, immigrants, tourists, and hospital staff on their lunch break. Sarelyn did not sketch people by request but rather chose interesting subjects who caught her eye. If not for the pandemic, Sarelyn would still be sketching at her favorite table every Tuesday. She still turns these figurative sketches into large colorful paintings on canvas.

Sarelyn’s love for art extends to her dedication as a collector and avid supporter of various museums (LACMA, MOCA, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts). Her highly praised work has been exhibited in numerous locations and private salons over the years.

Sarelyn’s art embodies her interior life.

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