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I am a ninety-three-year-old native Los Angeles artist who has been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush. My paintings represent my curiosity about people and capture the goodness in humanity.

I am a self-made artist and color is my language. Art comes from within me, not conforming to any objective criteria. Using oil paint allows me to continue to evolve a painting over time. Every painting is a world of its own. The most important thing is to keep working from my own vision. I feel strongly that my work speaks for itself.

I love the smell of oil paint. It is as luscious as dark chocolate. Living near the sea, I enjoy the sound of ocean waves and serenity of the calm and ever-changing cerulean water. It permeates my unconscious and is reflected in my figurative paintings. I walk frequently on the sand at low tide, emotions filling my body and soul, which I infuse into my work.

Pierre Bonnard, Picasso and Rico LeBrun have influenced my work. People have said my work is like Bonnard’s landscape qualities in figurative paintings.

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